[Libreoffice-qa] ESC meeting agenda - Adding topic: Broken release process when fresh become still and when still become EOL'ed

Xisco Fauli xiscofauli at libreoffice.org
Thu Jan 28 12:33:02 UTC 2021


On 28/1/21 11:27, Florian Effenberger wrote:
>> 2. Write and ensure a check list for the release process is
>> **enforced** to ensure these use case are properly handled and the
>> TDF update service is advertising the right version with 2 days max
>> delay.
> The goal is to have the update trigger live within one week. Two days
> sounds rather short - having some days gives us the option to see if
> there are any major problems, and is e.g. also what many Android
> vendors do with their staggered rollout.
> What's the rationale for two days, why that urgency? Also, thinking of
> the release days on Wednesdays or Thursdays, it might be smart to not
> put forward such updates during the weekends, when reaction times in
> case of issues are slower than during the week. 

Besides, by the default, the online updater checks for a new version
once a week ( see in Tools - Options - Online Update ) so some users
will get the notification 5,6 or 7 days after the new version is
activated. Again, why that urgency?


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