[Libreoffice-ux-advise] Reviewing EasyHacks (was: Re: [Libreoffice] Fwd: [PATCH] Bug 39167)

Christoph Noack christoph at dogmatux.com
Fri Aug 5 15:02:36 PDT 2011

Hi Jenei!

Am Freitag, den 05.08.2011, 22:37 +0200 schrieb Jenei Gábor:
> And to avoid the further misunderstandings I recommend to 
> review all the easyhacks before publishing. 

I'd like to hijack this thread a bit, since you address something
important (to me). So, adding Björn and Rainer to this thread.

My question is who should review the Easy Hacks before publishing - when
looking from the Design Team perspective, it would be good to at least
add a UX (User Experience) statement whether the Easy Hack is helpful or
not ("not" may also mean that a different solution would be even more
helpful by resolving some more issues). Personally, whenever I got aware
of such Easy Hacks (more by accident than by using a systematical
approach), I've added such statements.

Some weeks ago, I had a short private discussion with Björn how Easy
Hacks could be marked if we (in terms of the Design Team) think that
some hint / further thinking might be required. Sorry for not discussing
this earlier ... pushed that forward all the time :-\

However, the question was if additional (whiteboard) tags like
"UxSimplyGo" or "UxGetAdvice" might help. These tags could be added in
QA bug hunting sessions, or by a regular review of such tasks by the
Design Team. In the meantime, I also got sometimes added to be the "ux
contact" for other issues ...

Might the tag solution be helpful? Or are there other ideas / proposals
to make it even "easier" for developers to simply grab Easy Hacks?


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