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Thorsten Behrens thb at documentfoundation.org
Thu Aug 11 00:52:42 PDT 2011

[Cc list redux]

Astron wrote:
> I'll try to produce something in the next few days.
Thanks a lot for that!

> And about all the politics here ... I just don't know where to stand.
> The two Easy Bugs in question here really seem to have been easy
> hacks, so at least superficially the description fit. About the notion
> that there should always be a dev to mentor people on Easy Hacks, I
> don't know... the term "Easy Hack" doesn't really fit then, "Mentoring
> bug" might be more appropriate here (but I agree that outsiders – like
> myself – can't actually judge how hard certain code is to change).
> The most important thing is probably that TDF has a good and
> consistent definition of the term Easy Hack, and following that, a
> section about filing (proposed) Easy Hacks) should be added to the EH
> wiki page.
The very category EasyHack (as cloph pointed out) needs dev insight
to tag a bug with - simply because simple, innocent-looking changes
may be two week's worth of effort.

The category Chris was referring to were "UX Easy Hacks", or maybe
"paper cuts" is a better term - tiny, but annoying quirks in the UI,
that have some probability of not needing too much coding work
(therefore providing a nice source of potential future EasyHacks -
devs can, while waiting for a compilation to finish, idly check

> What might be a good idea would be to have a script run once a day
> that checks which bugs have been newly marked with "EasyHack" and then
> have someone sort through the results (this would probably need work
> from developer and also a designer/UX'er).
Bit above my understanding of bugzilla's monitoring capabilities -
not sure how much strain to fdo's servers a daily XMLRPC query over
all bugs would be - that set aside, a useful thing to have for sure.

Maybe something you'd like to look into after doing the pdf UI


-- Thorsten
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