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Thorsten Behrens thb at documentfoundation.org
Thu Aug 11 00:44:43 PDT 2011

Gerald Leppert wrote:
> >       * I share the concerns stated by the others with regard to the
> >         ".od?.pdf" file extension - especially since most people might
> >         still not know what the "od?" stands for. I'm unsure about the
> >         real impact. An alternative may be to change the given file name
> >         to something like "-embeddedODF.pdf". Users might then consider
> >         to change that manually ...
> If I understand your idea correctly, then you propose to use the
> file endings ".embeddedOD?.pdf" instead of ".od?.pdf"? Sounds good
> to me. This would be a solution to three problems: Firstly, windows
> users would not be confused by files called "filename.odt" with a
> PDF icon. Secondly, users could identify the existence of a
> hybridPDF. Thirdly, it would be possible to integrate HybridPDF file
> types into the operating system resulting in: double click opens LO
> if installed. Or, double click opens PDF viewer, if LO is not
> installed.
cutting down Cc list -

Hi Gerald,

I think getting "you should install LibreOffice" somehow encoded
into the filename is an ill-advised, ugly solution to the wrong

I don't like disguising marketing strategies in how my software
behaves. For the acedemic setting you work in, surely using personal
relations, some explanations in emails etc etc works much better
than the proposed solution (and also offers opportunities to grow
community, not only user base).

My 2 cents,

-- Thorsten
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