[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Libreoffice] Fwd: [PATCH] Bug 39167

Gerald Leppert gleppert at gmx.de
Thu Aug 11 02:13:18 PDT 2011

Hi Thorsten,

thank you very much for your comment. Please see my remarks below your 

Am 11.08.2011 09:44, schrieb Thorsten Behrens:
> [...]
> I think getting "you should install LibreOffice" somehow encoded
> into the filename is an ill-advised, ugly solution to the wrong
> problem.
> I don't like disguising marketing strategies in how my software
> behaves. For the acedemic setting you work in, surely using personal
> relations, some explanations in emails etc etc works much better
> than the proposed solution (and also offers opportunities to grow
> community, not only user base).
> [...]
As I agree that there shouldn't be something like a hidden message to 
install any software in the filename, I didn't want to make a 
marketing-point but rather wanted to point to the practical use of 
LibreOffice in document exchange. Below, I describe the standard 
scenarios more in detail. I think these scenarios are not limited to 

Situation 1: LO user sends a .doc(x), .xls(x) etc.: It is unsure (and in 
most cases unlikely) that the counterpart receives 100% perfect layout 
or content.
Situation 2: LO user sends a .odt,.ods etc: Here it depends: a) 
counterpart has LibreOffice and gets the document 100%, or b) 
counterpart cannot open the document or c) counterpart uses MS Office 
2007/2010 to edit ODF-files and sends back 'destroyed' files (i.e. worst 
case is the broken ODF formula support in Excel).
Situation 3: LO user sends .od?.pdf: All users can view the file to 100% 
in PDF viewer. If LibreOffice is installed, the counterpart can edit the 
file to 100%. (This, of course, is limited by the current 
implementation, through which the counterpart does not know whether the 
received .pdf-file is a hybrid PDF or not.


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