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Thorsten Behrens thb at documentfoundation.org
Thu Aug 11 02:50:56 PDT 2011

Gerald Leppert wrote:
> Situation 3: LO user sends .od?.pdf: All users can view the file to
> 100% in PDF viewer. If LibreOffice is installed, the counterpart can
> edit the file to 100%. (This, of course, is limited by the current
> implementation, through which the counterpart does not know whether
> the received .pdf-file is a hybrid PDF or not.
Sure, but since usually operating systems will still open the pdf in
the default pdf viewer, that doesn't help Joe Casual User to
recognize he can open it in LibO.

While I concur with you that hybrid pdf is a great feature, I don't
think we'll manage to workaround the technical/knowledge

If you need to give instructions on how to work with hybrid pdf
anyway, along with the file, why bother?

Also, since I don't see quick consensus evolving here - perhaps
better to take the discussion to the design list.


-- Thorsten
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