[Libreoffice-ux-advise] Header and Footers separators design

Cor Nouws oolst at nouenoff.nl
Mon Aug 22 11:04:44 PDT 2011

Hi Cedric, Christoph,

Some small additions from my POV.

cedric.bosdonnat.ooo at free.fr wrote (22-08-11 15:44)
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>> De: "Christoph Noack"<christoph at dogmatux.com> unbelievable ... at

>> Thanks! At the moment, I'm thinking about how to make use of that
>> - we have several hard-coded elements that would benefit if we
>> could share those color(s).
> What are you thinking about? Those colors are already shared in the
> options... or there is something I don't understand

Maybe that 0x0369a3 is something different as COL_LIGHTBLUE ?

>> Some of the things I've noticed: * Enter: It is hard to identify
>> how to enter the header / footer - the given visualization
>> (borders) highlight active text areas that can be entered via one
>> click. But these areas are inactive ... unless the user
>> double-clicks (which is not visualized to the user).
> Is there anything we could do to make it easier to identify?

In any case, users might recognise it from Word.

>> * Abort: It is hard to identify how / and cumbersome to go back to
>> the document content. In contrast to MSO, there is no visualization
>> / hint how to do that. Examples: * Double-click is unusual (in
>> LibO) and there is no visual clue
> What kind of clue / mechanism would be more natural to users then?

Maybe the labels could have a <click here to close> ?

>> * Although single-click doesn't work to go back to the document
>> content, right-clicking once works - why?
> Doh! that's a bug / something I missed in the implementation.

Ah, I like that bug!

>> * ESC in header/footer goes back to the last position in the
>> document, but: if the user moved to another page in the meantime,
>> it jumps to the old location

(me likes ESC too)

>> * I think the "Edit - Headers&Footers" behavior is a bit strange.
>> Its deactivated, if there is no header/footer on the page. But, its
>> activated if either header or footer is there. Then, the missing
>> item gets highlighted anyway ... without providing a clue how to
>> really add this missing element. -->  could be more supporting

In the last build I tried, it is disabled all the time :-\
   Build ID: 35913b9-4eb4f62-260b7c1

> An option here is to enable that menu item in all cases. If triggered
> when there is no header/footer in the document, then it would add
> them to the current page style. How does it sound?

That forces you to choose a header, footer or both?

>> * Technical issues: In my test environment (Fedora 15, VirtualBox),
>> I regularly have ghost cursors showing up - if you change the mode
>> when the blinking cursor is shown, it doesn't get removed (e.g.
>> entering the header from the document, the document keeps a
>> non-blinking cursor).
> Could it come from the fact it's in a virtual machine? I had that
> fixed a while ago... but I may have missed something.

Didn't notice those indeed.


  - Cor
  - http://nl.libreoffice.org

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