[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [REVIEW 3-5: Late feature] Improvements in the header / footer behavior

Stefan Knorr (Astron) heinzlesspam at googlemail.com
Thu Dec 29 08:42:50 PST 2011

Hi Jan, Cor, Cédric,

both of the things you fixed were conscious decisions, but after
seeing how well libo works with your patches, I think, they weren't
good decisions after all, so +2 for your patches.

By the way...
> It is because there is no real animation framework used / existing, the
> controls are just painted several times with various opacity, which is
> not ideal, but best we can do for 3.5 I am afraid.

Is there any way, we could use Impress's animations for this in the future?


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