[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [libreoffice-design] Option for gridline display in Calc (fdo#30800)

Andre Schnabel Andre.Schnabel at gmx.net
Fri Jun 24 00:57:18 PDT 2011


first - thanks for your feedback.

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> Datum: Fri, 24 Jun 2011 09:10:10 +0200
> Von: Astron <heinzlesspam at googlemail.com>
> An: design at global.libreoffice.org

> personally, I would love to see some intelligent algorithm that can
> discern whether users need this behaviour or not. For instance,
> detecting, if a high-contrast colour scheme is in use, but I heard
> that LibO currently is not too good at detecting a high-contrast
> colour schemes.

I'm not sure about that. While most of the complaints I read about the
bug seem to come from people with visual disabilites, I have also
seen people who just like to have it "the OOo way".

So for the moment I would not go for that solution.

> > - we can have this in tools - options - Calc - View
> >   but this tab page is already crowded .. so I would not prefer
> Is it an option to remove the combo box for selecting the grid colour
> (burying that instead under LibreOffice > Appearance) [1] and
> replacing it by a sub-check box like:
> – "[X] can be overridden by document" (default: enabled) or
> – "[ ] on colored background" (default: disabled)?

Well .. sometimes it is really good to have a secont perosn "trigger
your mind".

In fact the "Grid Color" option in Calc - View can (imho) be easily 
dropped. We already have an option for Calc Grid colors in LibreOffice - 
Apperance. The Calc - View setting is only used, if the option at
LibreOffice - Apperance is set to "automatic". Looks quite confusing to

> > - we can have it at tools - options - Calc - Compatibility
> >   We might have some "Display" option here and switch between
> >   "Default" and "OOo legazy" or "Excel" or whatever.
> >   I'd prefere this one, as even more visualization options could
> >   be bound to this. But this needs proper wording.
> I'm unsure about this, the page is definitely more spacious currently,
> but when trying to find out about a visual aid, this clearly doesn't
> seem the first place to look at. You could, as another option, add a
> section "Grid" and a check box text like "[X] For compatibility with
> Microsoft Excel, hide grid on colored backgrounds". I'd prefer the
> first option.

Ok - so if othere people agree to remove the Grid Color option from
Calc - View, I'd go for the first one.



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