[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [libreoffice-design] Option for gridline display in Calc (fdo#30800)

André Schnabel andre.schnabel at gmx.net
Sun Jun 26 10:42:21 PDT 2011

Hi Astron,

Am 26.06.2011 16:58, schrieb Astron:
>> 1st:
>>    change the grid option at Calc - View from checkbox to a tri-state
>> listbox. With this, we can keep the colo listbox in place.
> I like this one, but the wording is very important here, as we do not
> have much space and I'd hate for users to have to click on the
> combobox to read everything (realistically, it should be the easiest
> to implement which still looks good).
> The simplest options coming to my mind would be "Always show," "Show
> when no background color is selected" (or "Show on transparent
> background"[1] [2]) and "Hide."

The background is not transparent - the wording used in cell format is
"no fill".
"Show when no background color is selected" is imho to long. And
translated strings would be even longer (some languages might have three
times the lengths as english strings - in extreme cases).

But in general I agree - the current strings at the wiki might need rework.

> (The wording of this one as it is currently in the wiki, is not very
> logical, I think. By the way, are the screenshots in the wiki mock-ups
> or do they work?)

They work (somehow). Actually they are real screenshots, the UI elements
are implemented. But only the "checkbox in View options" was fully
working. ("Was" because I broke it again when playing around with the
drop down).

thanks and regards,


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