[Libreoffice-ux-advise] Option for gridline display in Calc (fdo#30800)

André Schnabel andre.schnabel at gmx.net
Sun Jun 26 10:02:47 PDT 2011


Am 26.06.2011 17:16, schrieb Christoph Noack:
> Hi André,
> I'm still on the road - and our trip back is currently less fun.
> However, if you like some comments from my side, I will need another
> day and some computer time :-)

comments are welcome. Meanwhile I updated the wiki spec:

there are some open questions / tasks and maybe there is something
missing. Comments on those things are very welcome - but also on the
rest of the topics.

Some more general remark on this "Specification". I currently use this
to see, what might work and what not for a specification workflow /
document. So I'm playing around and see, what needs to be documented.
In general I would not expect a code hacker to write such a detailed
specification - most of the things could be written by other people. A
developer will hardly spend days on discussing and writing a
specification if the feature can be implemented in less than a day.

If we want to get developers working in a "light-weight" spec process,
there needs to be some benefit for developers. E.g. strings should be
clarified, help texts might be provided, side effects (for users) can be
elaborated before-hand etc.



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