[Libreoffice-ux-advise] to duplicate an existing style

Friedrich Strohmaier damokles4-listen at bits-fritz.de
Mon Sep 5 13:25:41 PDT 2011

Hi Olivier, Cor, *,

had a quick view..
reordered thread contents for future participants..

Am 05.09.2011 20:47 schrieb Olivier Hallot:
> 2011/9/5 Cor Nouws <oolst at nouenoff.nl>
>> Olivier Hallot wrote (05-09-11 20:05)

>>>  Can we get "Duplicate" and the new style name be "Copy of xyz"? All
>>>  xyz attributes get copied in  the new style.

>> I always thought that New does that trick with the selected style ..?

> Looks like you are right... My bad.


LibreOffice 3.4.3
OOO340m1 (Build:302)

I tried to "clone" the "envelope" page style in writer, but got a copy
of apparently "standard" selecting and right click new..

> But, Then... is "New..." the right wording? "New from this" (?)

next question this one ;o))

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