[Libreoffice-ux-advise] to duplicate an existing style

Rafael Rocha Daud rrdaud at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 20:19:22 PDT 2011

Hi, Christoph, all,

Em 12-09-2011 16:03, Christoph Noack escreveu:
> Hi Astron,
> a few additional thoughts ...

> The "Child" term is something I would like to avoid - for several
> reasons. First, it is something also derived from the information
> science world and is something which is less neutral (family
> relationship may create localization issues for some languages). It
> would also require to rename stuff like the "hierarchy" to be
> consistent. Next, it is not a word that describe "doing" something - so
> we would end up with something like "Create child..." (a bit funny *g*).
> And, the most important thing, we use "New" throughout office to handle
> objects (New Slide, New Sheet, New ...).
You definitly got a point here. "New child" would be just as odd. But 
the world 'new' says very little, and we must be a little more precise 
if we want people to get a hold on the style thing more easily. Wording 
is indeed important (even more in an office suite :-)) and translation 
gets tough from time to time (e.g. the whole 'Default' thing). Let's 
just give this a little more thought.

Concerning your other e-mail, the third option you propose for preview 
is basically what MSOffice have done, if I understood well. Since 
clicking would actually apply the style, and not preview it, they added 
the onmouseover preview, and it shows in the document area. It is very 
confusing, leaves little place for comparison (you have to move the 
mouse on and out and compare before and after, not side by side), apart 
from being a little CPU hungry (the whole document gets changed with 
each mouseover). Things keep moving about, which is very distracting, 
and even though may look appealing, it is a pain in the ass (sorry for 
that) in the long run. Using one click for preview and two clicks for 
applying, dropping onmouseover function (which would be more like 
current aproach, except we lack the preview) would address only some of 
these issues.

But, you said:
> As I said in the other mail, depends what we want to do with it ...
> where a user need help.
So I'll try and collect the proposals so far in a wiki page. Don't 
expect this for earlier than the weekend (and perhaps another weekend 
too :-( ). Maybe after that we could rate what the priorities are and 
tackle their design first. We could open a window for voting and getting 
user cases and feedback, and then talk to the devs about doability. I 
don't know, just wandering and dreaming about.

> Cheers,
> Christoph
BTW, congratulations for those involved in the headers/footers 
separators. This is indeed a step ahead and it shows :-).


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