[Libreoffice-ux-advise] Hiding/Showing the page breaks in writer

Christoph Noack christoph at dogmatux.com
Sat Sep 24 06:14:43 PDT 2011

Hi Cedric,

just checked the recent daily build ... some issues I've noticed when
playing around:
      * the indicator line is wider than the page (on the right side,
        for LTR) ... that looks a bit strange when zooming or working in
        book layout. Could you set the size according the page width?
      * When I called the function the first time, it took about 10
        seconds until the action (page break) was visible. I don't know
        whether this was caused by a weird installation (got some
        errors, Java is missing).
      * When the element was shown the very first time, then the right
        side of the line was "half-drawn" (only the continuous stroke,
        some dashed part was missing)
      * When I added a header, the cursor (among with the page) jumped
        upwards. The area left and right to the pages weren't re-drawn,
        so parts of the page break indicators were visible. Clicking on
        them made them disappear.
      * The menu items don't do anything yet (I'm sure you know *G*)

One last thing ... I don't know whether the button itself is a bit large
(good for the button handling, but visually it might be a bit strong ...
thinking about going towards a 16x16 icon).
@ Astron: What do you think?

Again, thanks for the nice improvements ... :-)


Am Samstag, den 24.09.2011, 13:09 +0200 schrieb Christoph Noack:
> Hi Regina, Cedric, Cor, Olivier ... or simply: the hiding/showing page
> breaks in writer special interest group ;-)
> I'm back from the "Bug Submission Assistant" ... and more than happy
> about the recent progress in Writer :-)))
> Am Freitag, den 23.09.2011, 23:32 +0200 schrieb Cor Nouws:
> > Hi Cedric,
> > 
> > Cedric Bosdonnat wrote (23-09-11 21:11)
> > > Here is a screenshot of what I currently have implemented for the page
> > > break indicator. Any opinion on that?
> > >
> > > http://img809.imageshack.us/img809/4223/pagebreaks.png
> Cool, that's surely great! Can't wait to try it out...
> > I like the color red, but in this case, I still find it to different 
> > compared to the rest of the 'color scheme' (Options > Appearance > Text 
> > Document).
> > I would vote for the 'Manual page break blue' from Calc.
> Consistency is important, yes. Wasn't the color "red" introduced,
> because the dark blue was hardly visible when using the old document
> borders? Now, the blue color would work well again - so indeed it makes
> sense to go back (another reason: red is considered to be a color for
> warnings, blue for information).
> Another small refinement - I think the current button interferes a bit
> (only a bit) with the shadow. From my point-of-view, could you move it a
> few pixels to the left?
> > The (red) arrow/button: are there some basic principles that are 
> > followed in designing this?
> > There will definitely be more elements in the future - quite some 
> > changes in Impress also recently - so consistency would be useful.
> True, I think this is where "we" (the Design Team) need to write down an
> Interaction Pattern, so that it can be re-used easily (and
> consistently). The current drop-down resembles (or: should resemble) the
> behavior of the Notes options menu or the new header/footer page breaks.
> Still, many stuff is open like mouse-overs, "is active"
> visualization", ...
> Nevertheless, the current "button" might be something people don't want
> to see all the time ... if you remember my proposal [1] of having "fade
> in / out" functionality for the headers/footers, this can solve a bunch
> of problems here, too. For example, for column breaks the button may
> also just appear if the user hovers the red line (e.g. if not knowing
> what this is about). Same for the "side by side" view mode.
> The "book mode" has also been addressed in this thread; I propose to
> only draw the line above the page that gets "page breaked", so something
> like that (page break on left page, affects next page):
>         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br
>         +-----------------------------+-------------------------------+
>         |                             |                               |
>         |                             |                               |
>         |                             |                               |
> One additional thing I'd like to know - Cedric, if we are sure that the
> basic stuff is finished, could we ping / involve the documentation team,
> so that the help texts are adapted accordingly? Just ping me if you
> think its done, then I have a (UX) look at it again, and then we can
> forward the discussion to the doc team - agreed?
> > The entry 'Edit Page Break' opens - I expect - the window Paragraph, tab 
> > Text flow?
> Cor: Do you miss another feature here? Like changing the type of the
> page break, or changing the following page style? Note: I'd like to
> avoid stuffing the menus, but if there is something that _really_ helps,
> why not?
> > Thanks a lot for all the improvements,
> Cedric, thanks a lot for making Writer a "cool thing" ;-)
> Cheers,
> Christoph
> [1]
> http://www.mail-archive.com/libreoffice-ux-advise@lists.freedesktop.org/msg00009.html
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