[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Libreoffice] [PATCH 3.5 and master] Avoid UI bugs in translations

Christoph Noack christoph at dogmatux.com
Sat Jan 7 12:14:06 PST 2012

Hi all!

Adding Josh, since he provided the initial patch to improve the dialog.

Furthermore, there is a recent bug reporting this issue (also) for the
German translation. So, whoever has the power of the source *g*, please
subscribe (assign) to it:

Am Samstag, den 07.01.2012, 11:54 +0100 schrieb Stefan Knorr (Astron):
> Hi all,
> So...
> 1. The change of the title (Text to Text [en-US]) seems extremely
> sensible to me and should get in as early as possible, so other
> translators see the new string too.

Good catch! Especially, since I missed that we now use a different
string than "$PRODUCTNAME".

However, the currently used "Save" is a bit misleading to me, since (at
least in Gnome) it is also used in the preceding Save As dialog. Our
recent dialog is about asking the user whether he is sure about the
chosen file format.

If we decide to use the title bar text, could we please use something
like: "Confirm file format" / "Use of file format".

Astron, your thoughts?

For the record, Gnome suggests to avoid title text for alert windows:

> 2. The question you added seems sensible to me, even though it makes
> the text even longer [1], so should probably get in. Also, it would be
> great, if you could remove or at least comment out the "en-US-old"
> thing, that seems mighty confusing.
> 3. It is a bit of a problem to use button labels without a verb (or
> alternatively OK) and also probably goes against most HIGs, so not a
> good idea IMO. William, is it a possibility to use just "Utiliser ODF"
> just for French (that this is a file format is made clear before,
> anyway)?

Mmh, although I understand the rationale, I fear that the recent changes
make the dialog more complicated that it was before Josh initially
touched it. The body text is now longer (having the real question at the
end), whilst the buttons don't reveal to less advanced users what they
are for. People usually scan the button text first, before they start
reading the alert text.

So my suggestion is to keep the current behavior. William, does Astron's
proposal sound reasonable? That would be great ...

Astron mentioned the missing consensus - maybe we can further improve
for the next release? I still think that something like
        [Confirm WhatEver Format] [Switch to ODF]
        [Use WhatEver Format] [Use ODF Format]
would be more helpful. The rationale can be found here:

> 4. I have a few reservations against using "Statistics" instead of
> "Word Count." While, technically, you're right, the word count is just
> part of what you get, "Word Count" seems much more digestible to me
> and is also the main use of the feature. Also, it used to be called
> "Word Count" in all older English version, too.

+1 to use "Word Count" for the same reasons. However, thanks for fixing
the "en-US" tag.

For the record: some "statistics" (German equivalent: document
statistics) are already available in File - Properties - Statistics.



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