[Libreoffice-ux-advise] conditional format dialog

Stefan Knorr (Astron) heinzlesspam at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 7 07:26:35 PST 2012

Hi again, people.

Sorry for the extremely long wait. I am not sure if my mockups live up
to any expectations that might have built up, but here we go...
I've just updated:
Take a look. In the following, I will use (n) to refer to the part of
the mockup I am referring to.

So, what's changed?

* I've integrated drag/drop sortability as well as sorting via buttons
in a hopefully not too intrusive way.
* It can't be seen in the mock-up, but it would be good, if condition
sorting via drag/drop had similarly nice animations as the slide
sorter in Impress.

* The Add button has wandered into the position where Condition n+1
sits, so it is now integrated in the conditions list box. This is to
make it more obvious that one can add more conditions when there's
only one set by default. That will indeed make it harder to add
conditions once the initial space in the conditions list box is filled
up. We might be able to mitigate that problem by moving the whole
Condition n+1 field with the Add button permanently to the end of the
list so it doesn't scroll when the rest of the list scrolls. (I hope I
described that clear enough, although I fear I did not. Please ask.)
* It's still not possible to add conditions in an arbitrary place in
the list. I consider that a design decision.

* When a condition is not selected, there's only a summary, as can be
seen for Condition 1 in (2). This is similar to how Excel 2010
displays conditions in its condition manager.
* One important difference to Excel is that this design does not allow
sort conditions that apply to different ranges. This is important
mostly because ranges can overlap, so conditions from different ranges
can conflict. I think, the sane choice is to try to apply conditions
for the largest range first and and those for the smallest range last
– although that doesn't remedy the whole problem. However, the UI of a
document-wide conditional formatting editing dialogue would probably
have been worse than Excel's, so I tried to avoid that.

* There's an expander labelled Area, to edit the range of a set of
conditions after they were created. It is not expanded by default, the
expanded view can be seen in (2), though.
* Note that the range is also part of the title bar of condition
window (at least in my mock-ups), it should be updated accordingly if
the information is edited in the window.

* There's a completely new manager window. This is supposed to help
with two things:
   1 find the conditions/ranges that were set without lots of try and error
   2 delete all conditions for a range
* You may debate how useful the First Condition is in recognising a
whole set of conditions. Other ideas very welcome.

This much explanation for now. Feedback welcome.


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