[Libreoffice-ux-advise] conditional format dialog

pierre-yves.samyn pierre-yves.samyn at laposte.net
Wed Mar 7 10:43:42 PST 2012


Thank you for this great job

I comment only some details (no comment = agree)

In the following (x) refers to the same number in your mockup.

*(0) Menu Format> Insert Format Tools> 
Conditionnal Formatting... / Manage Cond ...

Unless it is planned to integrate other tools in this menu 
I would prefer Format> Conditionnal Formatting > Define ... / Manage ...
like Insert> Names> Define ... / Manage ...

*(1)(2) later conditions defeat earlier conditions

My English is quite limited and I am afraid to be a misunderstanding but I
prefer to check.

I understand that message as: the latter condition verified prevails.

It's actually the opposite: The first condition checked prevails.
This message (The first condition checked prevails) seems more explicit
(considering my poor english).

*(2) Summary

It seems possible to display a summary of the following condition 
if exists (condition 3 in the mockup, n+1 actually)

*(2) Condition 1 Summary

Display the range seems unnecessary (already present in the title). 
The condition is most important here.

*(2) Expander Labelled Area: Range / Scope

Can we change with the keyboard and mouse (selection in the sheet)?
Can we enter a range name (Insert> Names and Data> Define Range)?

*(Detail of 1)

If the user enter a value Does not enter a value...

For the record, remember:
1. The two areas with BETWEEN and NOT BETWEEN
2. Conditions of type "Formula"

*(4) Conditionnal Formatting Manager

Instead of using a DataGrid control (which displays the first condition 
in a column) I would consider it better to use a TreeView control that 
would display the tree Sheets> Ranges> Conditions.

It would be useful to enrich the Navigator with an entry 
"Formatting Conditionnal" which would list the ranges:
1. double click: selection
2. right click context menu: Edit / Remove

Now some answers to your remarks:

* It's still not possible to add conditions in an arbitrary place in
the list. I consider that a design decision. 

If (2) is the state of dialog when define Condition n, click the Add button 
should add after the condition n. I do not understand how the proposed design 
requires adding at the end of the list.

* One important difference to Excel is that this design does not allow
sort conditions that apply to different ranges. 

I do not have Excel for years. Do you mean that our dialog should allow 
to define conditions for different ranges at the same time?

I would personally hostile to this possibility for confusion it would create 
when several conditions are defined (with "cascade") for the same range.

Sample problem: If you change the range how to reflect the change to all the conditions 
already set?

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