[Libreoffice-ux-advise] layout of data bars

Sveinn í Felli sveinki at nett.is
Mon May 21 03:34:32 PDT 2012

Þann mán 21.maí 2012 09:05, skrifaði Markus Mohrhard:
> Hey,
> 2012/5/21 Sveinn í Felli <sveinki at nett.is>:
>> One question:
>> How do the data-bars interact with cell padding and/or
>> character height?
>> Accessed via 'Format/Cells...-->Borders/Spacing to contents'
>> and/or font size.
> They don't. Data bars are a special for of cell background and are
> drawn like that. The only feature there that is not related to data
> bars is that you can with an option force the data bars without cell
> values. See the attached screenshot.
> Except for that data bars are behaving exactly like normal cell background.

I see that Jean-Francois Nifenecker had the same kind of
questions concerning formatting of data-bars.
So, since they're kind of a background formatting feature,
and if the user wants to have control over spacing between
the bars and bar height versus data characters; the user
would have to separate the lines with empty extra lines in
between and display the data (if necessary) by repeating the
data in another column.

Sure, this can work as a first introduction of data-bars
(until further development), but I think it is a bit clumsy.

I think it would be better to let either font height or
'Spacing to contents' along with row height control the
data-bars (making them a part of content instead of
background); further on there should be more precise
formatting controls, even some options to display the data
inside respective data-bars (see attached png's) or to
control the distance between data and data-bars.

But beware, this is written without having a clue about how
this can be programmed ;-)
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