[Libreoffice-ux-advise] Mirek's visit in SUSE :-)

Stefan Knorr (Astron) heinzlesspam at googlemail.com
Sat May 26 02:31:36 PDT 2012

Hi all,

>> > Here, I would like to propose two things:
>> > * make Insert mode harder to trigger, for instance, by having to use
>> > Shift+Ins (instead of just Ins)
>> > * remove the inidactor wholesale
>> That is actually an interesting idea :-)  The cursor changes to a block
>> one when the overwrite mode is activated, so together with making it
>> harder to trigger, it might be OK.
>> Anybody against this?
> I would prefer if the shortcut was kept as "Insert", as that's the shortcut
> used by virtually every other application that allows overwrite mode.
> Also, could the cursor stay a block even at the end of the line, so that the
> user knows he's in overwrite mode?
> Alternatively, I've seen some applications use a red cursor instead of a
> block, which would be more effective at communicating to the user that he's
> in overwrite mode.

Right, so I've looked around a bit on the internets/in LibreOffice:
* I found one page that claimed Overwrite mode had no practical use
today, I didn't find any that listed any uses of it.
* The only use case I can imagine is filling out order forms that are
comprised of ASCII text only (with "...." as placeholders) – it's safe
to say that no one does that any more since PDF's are reasonably easy
to generate.
* I've found enough pages that describe how utterly
confusing/frustrating Overwrite mode is to many people, due to it
being so easy to trigger

* In Word 2007+ you need to enable the Ins key in the options before
you can use it
* Thunderbird/Firefox/Evolution/Google Docs/Apple Pages don't have any
Overwrite mode at all
* Gedit still has it (and it's turned on/off with Ins)

* Shift-Ins currently does the same as Ctrl-V (paste) – so that
particular accelerator won't work, but Ctrl-Ins isn't taken yet
* As always, accelerators are configurable, so if anyone really needs
Ins, they can just set it up this way
* I noticed that unlike with the Selection modes there's no menu item
for Overwrite mode... which is bad, because it also means that people
won't notice when we've changed the accelerator.

* I personally wouldn't mind seeing Overwrote mode go entirely, I
don't know what other people think – but as Thunderbird/... prove:
it's been done
* If we want to keep Overwrite mode alive, but without a status bar indicator:
##1 do it like MSO does it – add a preference that's turned off by default
##2 add a menu item "Overwrite mode" to the "Edit" menu, which would
obviously mostly serve to advertise our new accelerator
** Mirek's proposal of a red caret seems very good to me if we go with
either of the above two ways (but a red block would be even more
descriptive methinks)

>> > > - more helpful STD/BLK/... etc. selection statusbar indicator
>> >
>> > Do we really need indicators for the selection modes at all? They are
>> > sufficiently hard to trigger and a sufficiently minor use case to
>> > ignore them in the main window, I think.
>> Too late, I've implemented that in the meantime :-)

Looks nice anyway. And saves quite a bit of space, so fine with me.
Thanks, you two.

>> If you mean what is in master now, that is only a proof-of-concept of
>> drawing into the non-client area, unfinished work.  But I'd like it to
>> be a bit different, I'll start a thread on the design@ list about that.

Mirek has already started a thread related to that... "Play with the
Windows look", it's called.


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