[Libreoffice-ux-advise] Disabling file opening and saving in print preview mode

Kohei Yoshida kohei.yoshida at gmail.com
Thu May 31 08:48:28 PDT 2012

Hi there,

While looking into this bug

I noticed that we actually allow saving and loading of document in print
preview mode.  But to me that feels very odd.  Allowing to print from
the preview mode makes sense, but saving the document makes little
sense, and loading another document while in print preview mode even
less so.

What do you think about disabling these operations while in print
preview mode?  That would make the above bug a non-issue as an added
bonus.  Disabling them would also make the implementation much saner
since it's not easy to support and maintain these functionalities in
preview mode, since, technically, the print preview is an entirely
different "application" that happens to use the same document model.
Limiting the functionality of the preview mode to just allow previewing
and printing would ease the maintenance burden substantially.

Views and opinions appreciated.


Kohei Yoshida, LibreOffice hacker, Calc

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