[Libreoffice-ux-advise] Disabling file opening and saving in print preview mode

Stefan Knorr (Astron) heinzlesspam at googlemail.com
Thu May 31 10:04:45 PDT 2012

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Hi Kohei,

> I noticed that we actually allow saving and loading of document in print
> preview mode.  But to me that feels very odd.

What sticks out as most odd to me is that our print preview is so
incredibly cluttered (menu bar + 2 toolbars), whereas e.g. in Firefox
it is very focused (just a toolbar).
So, yes, I do agree with this, in general, just the Print Preview
toolbar should be enough.

However [crazy idea], since we now have a Print dialogue that already
contains a preview, might it be worth thinking about just removing the
separate print preview feature and making the print preview inside the
dialogue a little bigger?

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