[Libreoffice-ux-advise] Killed the ButtonBar in slide sorter

Michel Renon michel.renon at free.fr
Thu Sep 27 09:04:35 PDT 2012


Le 27/09/12 09:47, Mirek M. a écrit :
> [...]
> If you're afraid about the lack of association between the slide pane
> and the toolbar, which should sit right below it, I suppose we could tie
> the toolbar to the slide pane, similarly to the Navigator and the Styles
> dialog, only with the toolbar on the bottom.

Just FYI, I already proposed something equivalent... in 2009  ;-)
see part 4.3.11, page 35.
Its was my draft proposal for Renaissance project, in may 2009

That document is incomplete, may be outdated, may contain 
errors/inconsistencies, but it was imagined and written during some few 
nights (and I was *very* busy at my dayjob).
Well, I should finish it an update it with new ideas I had 
since...(specially ideas to remove the tab to select Impress view modes) 
and try to prototype it.


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