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--- Comment #1 from Stephan Bergmann <sbergman at redhat.com> ---
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> 8. The "org.openoffice.Office" part in most(?)/all(?) preferences is a waste
>   of space. It would be cool if this part could be removed somehow. If any
>   extensions use other namespaces, you could just leave their namespacing in
>>   it's a bit inconsistent, but no one will blame us for preferring our own
>   namespace, I hope.

All of our own configuration schemas are prefixed with /org.openoffice, and a
large majority with /org.openoffice.Office.  Extensions can bring along schemas
with other prefixes.  The dialog could unambiguously remove any
"/org.openoffice." prefix, say, as unabbreviated paths would always start with
"/" and "/" could should never follow a prefix "/org.openoffice.".

> 9. I don't know if it makes sense to give string arrays a type of "[]string"
>   – maybe, since there seem to be no other types of arrays, it might make
> sense
>   to just name this type "array"?

At least in principle, there are also other kinds of lists (they're called
"lists," not "arrays") apart from string lists (see the complete lists of types
e.g. under "ATTLIST prop" at officecfg/registry/component-schema.dtd), though
anything but string lists is hardly used, if at all.  (I guess the odd name of
"[]string" comes from using the name of the UNO type corresponding to the
configuration type.  The type names appearing in the UI should probably be
localized variants of the configuration type names used in
officecfg/registry/component-schema.dtd etc.)

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