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--- Comment #2 from Efe Gürkan YALAMAN <efeyalaman at gmail.com> ---
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> Hi Gürkan, Thorsten,

Hi, I prefer Efe mostly for it is shorter,more memorable and easy to pronounce
but OK wit Gürkan too :)

Thanks for sharing your opinions this fast firstly. :)

So -

> 2. The second most important feature is a filter bar. (I trust you've thought
>   of that already.) If that's not there, people will be very annoyed with
> this
>   functionality very soon. The filter bar should be the thing initially
>   receiving focus when one first visits the page/opens the window. Also, it
>   should not just work when you're typing the first few letters, it should
> also
>   search in the middle of words.

Yep. On my to do list mentioned it a few times (probably two)on my weekly
reports. But there are bigger issues before that. I did this kind of thing
before but I was using SQL and should look how to do in LibreOffice. Especially
for searching in the middle of words thing. Pretty sure there are a lot of code
to use as reference.

For 3,4,5:
Current interface annoys me too. Probably we will see a few more UI
refactoring. But first I need to solve the performance on loading and show all
the options instead of some of the randomly chosen.

> 6. Currently, all category headers have little triangles for sorting in them
>   – that doesn't make a lot of sense, only one of them should (otherwise, you
>   are communicating that you are sorting by all column headers).

I think it would be useful in case you know type of the option but don't know
the all of the name etc. You can sort the types, give some part of its toplevel
to the filter bar and quick scrolling. It is not the best way to using English
here but I hope you can understand what I meant :)

> 9. I don't know if it makes sense to give string arrays a type of "[]string"
>   – maybe, since there seem to be no other types of arrays, it might make
> sense
>   to just name this type "array"?

Type names comes directly through api as Stephen said. And there are other list
types like "[]long", "[]short" etc. But as I said not all of the options listed
for now.

> 10. If all that is done, we should sacrifice some main-UI options. I think
>   axing all the "experimental" options might be a good first start. :)
> That's it for right now. Overall, it's very nice work. Thanks to
> both of you.
> Astron.

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