[Libreoffice-ux-advise] Mass changes to Impress animations - related to fdo#41572

Thorsten Behrens thb at documentfoundation.org
Fri Mar 22 01:13:57 PDT 2013

Michel Renon wrote:
> In order to work on that problem, I would like to have some
> technical advise about what can be implemented or not.
Hi Michel,

as a matter of fact (though a bit tongue-in-cheek) - this is software,
so anything goes. The question rather is how much effort is it. ;)

> (just to avoid wasting time by designing things that can't be
> implemented)
Hmm. So in the past there were a few designs that did not get
implemented immediately - but sat there looking really good, and
eventually inspired someone to hack them up. But I see your

> Well this mail is mostly for Thorsten as you're the official mentor
> of Impress/Draw.
I'm not - but I happily answer still. :)

> - Is it possible to implement some visual changes on objects in slides ?
> ex : add some small widget beside (or inside?) an object to indicate
> a status or to show a popup to activate some changes. Or have a
> special border.
> These widgets/borders would be shown via a menu command, or via a
> mouse hover, only while designing the slide.
Yes, that is possible - there's a concept called SmartTag in Impress,
that is e.g. used to implement this four-way icon at the presentation
placeholder objects ('insert table/chart/picture/movie'), or for
editing motion path animations. So the base technology for that is

> - Is it possible to implement some visual changes on every single
> line/ some lines of a textfield ? It's a detailed version  of the
> previous point : can a line in a textfield have some widget ? or be
> drawn with some special border ?
In general yes, though slightly more involved.

> - today, the 'animation objects' are linked to object in slides, but
> is the reverse also true ?
> ie if user modify a slide object, can the animation object be
> updated automatically ?
Not sure I get the idea - are you referring to changes e.g. to master
pages, that then translate to all slides using it (that is one aspect
of the original question / task Janit was looking into)?

> The answers may have 4 values :
> -1- it can be implemented immediately, no changes required in VCL
This one. ~All the work needed is in sd.

> And two open questions :
> - In this whole subject, what objects are linked to ODF format ?
> (ie : what can be changed without changing the file format)
From the above - nothing should affect the file format.

> - what are the technical limitations related to animations in Impress ?
Going back to my initial comment - the sky is the limit. Without
concrete questions though, hard to answer specifically. ;)


-- Thorsten
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