[Libreoffice-ux-advise] Impress : general feed back

Michel RENON renon at mr-consultant.net
Tue May 21 07:05:05 PDT 2013

Le 19/05/2013 00:05, Cor Nouws a écrit :
> Hi Michel,
> Michel RENON wrote (09-05-13 16:11)
>> While working on entrance animations, I also ran an simple test of
>> Impress and found bizarre behaviors :
>> https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/User:Michelr#Impress_4.0_:_urgent_bugs_and_enhancements
> Thanks for gathering those and writing down.
> I do recognise this partly. But obviously since I know how to make
> proper use of Impress, I can avoid a lot of the pitfalls.
> But that's not your point: it's for people that just need good guidance
> by a clear UI behaviour.

Yes : my famous "shower faucet" ;-)

>> What do you think of my "Proposal for urgent bugs" ?
> in slide view :
>      remove focus in "Recently used" and "Available for use"
> No, I would not like to remove the use.

Maybe my sentence was not precise enough : I added a picture to explain 
better :


> [...]
>      remove "Recently used" ? (ToBeConfirmed)
> Why would you remove that choice?

please note that this point is "ToBeConfirmed" because it's only based 
on my own subjective feedback :
IMHO, the "recently used" panel is very disturbing
- it's difficult to understand how to behaves, how it sorts items
- it never shows the current item
- it lists templates instead of master pages
- from a simple visual pov, it nearly duplicates the "available for use" 

IMHO, the last point is the most important : a nearly duplicate UI is 
best way to disturb users.

>> Can it be implemented easily ?
> I've no real idea. But I think that things as disabling some tabs while
> in Master page view, and make naming more consistent, look relatively easy.
> Being easy is one point... another is people willing to implement it.


As a developer, I can tell you that having fun while coding is 
important. But the most important part is coding for users : creating an 
easy and useful software. Otherwise, it'll be just another software for 
few powerusers.

> And the better issues are sorted out, especially more important ones,
> the more likely it is that a developer will step in.
> IIRC several improvements in Impress have been implemented like that
> already.
> Would be good to attract those hackers too for feed back at a certain
> stage.

That's what I proposed in my articles.

> Would it be helpful (to get more people involved maybe) to have some
> graphics/screen shots?
I'm currently finishing a set of proposals (all wireframe based).
In few days, I'll upload them.
Hope you'll like them !

> What I like about your ideas it that you take a whole bunch related
> topics.

  Thanks !

 > Did you have a look at BugZilla for like/related issues?

That's why I first asked on the mailing list.



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