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--- Comment #10 from Jay Philips <philipz85 at hotmail.com> ---
(In reply to Cor Nouws from comment #7)
> The uno command makes a doc file out of the active document.
> So we can't change that string to some docX :)

Thanks for the clarification. :D

> So 'Email as Microsoft Word' should do.

Well with two versions of Microsoft Word documents, is better that a user knows
which format is being attached to an email before clicking it.

> What I meant with "total new, but interesting discussion": if we want it, it
> needs more work to be done :) .. > RFE?

So yes, there likely should be a discussion on whether we should be sticking
with the old format or not.

(In reply to A (Andy) from comment #8)
> But in IMPRESS I find:
> "E-mail as Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation..."
> -> If you agree that words like "Text", "Spreadsheet" are not necessary to
> add, then we should probably also do it that way in IMPRESS (without
> Presentation)?  Otherwise, it should also be added to WRITER and CALC?

Nice catch Andy. :D

> @Cor: Do I understand that right, that it is technical not possible to send
> it in addition already directly as a docx?

No he's saying the function sends out a doc file, so renaming the menu item to
say docx wouldnt fix the issue. :D

> In DRAW I have only:
> "Document as E-mail..."
> "E-mail as PDF..."
> But should there not also be an entry "E-mail as OpenDocument Drawing"?

I think you should file a bug for that. :D

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