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--- Comment #8 from Jay Philips <philipz85 at hotmail.com> ---
(In reply to Mirek2 from comment #7)
> If I understand the proposal correctly, this would be a way to quickly
> change the look of a single style based on some presets.

Yes you'd be able to change a single or group of styles based on some presets.

> If I'm right, I don't see the utility in having something like this. Could
> you describe a realistic scenario in which one might use this?

Scenario for single style: User opens LO. He adds header text and sets it to
Heading 1. He doesnt like how it looks. He opens up the style gallery and
browses through the heading 1 list for something he likes. He applies it.

Scenario for group style: User opens a MS Word document in LO. He hates the
currently applied style and wants to reset it to LO's default style. He opens
up the style gallery and browses the group style list for the LO default style.
He applies it.

> If this is meant to be a way to quickly change a single style, nothing beats
> being able to change the hard formatting of a selection and then changing
> the style based on that selection.

For advanced users, this would likely be their approach, or alternatively, they
would create the new style in the style dialog box. But this tab is primarily
targeting users with no knowledge of styles and users who know about styles but
would less likely create their own.

> Given that one generally tweaks the style
> because they have a particular look in mind, I doubt presets would be
> helpful in this case.

Yes more advanced users will likely tweak their style in the style, while less
style savvy users will likely apply direct over an applied style to tweak it.

> If this is intended as a way to quickly change the appearance of text in a
> document in general, then themes take care of this in a much better way.
> It'd be better to direct development to implement themes (something that
> will need to be done anyway for MS Office compatibility).

The group styles would work like a combination of MS Office's themes and style

In order to push users to use styles, we need to first get them into using
styles, and in order to get them into using styles, we need to give them a
collect of style presets, which they can easily apply to their documents.

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