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--- Comment #9 from Jay Philips <philipz85 at hotmail.com> ---
It seems that the styles gallery tab of predefined styles would be very useful
in Calc when taking into consideration the comments that recently came in
through our recent Calc survey. Here are a few:

1) ... A Dropdown list to "Apply Style" like the one in writer would encourage
me to use styles. And there should be a nice set of predefined styles.

2) ... When looking at a spreadsheet, there's only a limited number of cell
types and therefore a limited number of styles you require. These styles should
be easy to use and be reliable. Ideally manual editing should be unnecessary. A
useful set of default syles, targeted at spreadsheets rather than generic usage
would be a GREAT (if not to say obligatory) start.

3) It would help a lot for the use of styles to see a preview in the list. I
think this is the case also for other LibO apps. But there is a need of more
default styles (only 5 currently). ...

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