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--- Comment #4 from Jay Philips <philipz85 at hotmail.com> ---
(In reply to Joel Madero from comment #2)
> Sounds reasonable - but doesn't prevent us adding new styles that are
> prettier. I suggest something like Header1Gr, TitleGr, etc....

Have to agree with Mirek on this part, as we must utilize the default headings
so that a user will still be able to create a TOC from the document.

> I know that's a bit overwhelming and it'd be great if we could filter styles
> somehow but this would enable us to make a nice green set of styles that
> would be bolder, prettier, and more demonstrative of character/paragraph
> styles than what we currently have being used.

Yes i think the green style set looks nice, but bloating the already bloated
current list of default document styles wouldnt be the best way to go about it.

> I know that one thing on the table is allowing "installing style packages" -
> if we can do that and start hosting tarballs on the template page that has a
> "package" of styles that users create, that would be a partial solution
> (although having a default "pretty style" seems appropriate to me)

Yes it would be great to have a style set site, similar to the extensions and
templates site, where users are able to submit styles that could be shared with
other users.

(In reply to Mirek2 from comment #3)
> What you're really looking for are themes, which, if we're aiming for full
> Office compatibility, will have to be implemented sooner or later. Try to
> encourage a dev with free time to take a look at it. The Calligra guys
> wanted to work on this as well, so the dev could work together with them.
> (They did a write-up on themes on
> https://blogs.kde.org/2011/12/14/fruits-css2-shared-themes, and they were
> willing to work on it if someone from LibreOffice worked on it as well.)

I think he is more likely looking for a simpler solution like MSO Quick Styles
(aka style sets), which hopefully will be implemented with the group styles
idea from bug 86039. As MSO themes are embedded into documents as standard
styles when they are saved, i dont think LO needs to implement themes for
compatibility. Reading through the link, i dont think LO will likely implement
themes anytime soon as there would be quite a bit of development not only in LO
but at the ODF level to achieve it. I have emailed the author of the link to
see how far he has gotten with the work mentioned.

> As for a better default template, I feel like better fonts could make a
> difference. For example, using Open Sans (or the very similar Noto Sans) or
> Source Sans Pro instead of Liberation Sans (itself a copy of Arial, which in
> turn is a copy of Helvetica). The problem with that is that Open Sans isn't
> available on most devices and bundling the font with every document could
> dramatically increase each document's size... I'm not sure what the right
> solution here is -- a thought I had was to try and persuade some influential
> parties (Adobe, Google, Apple, ...) to decide on a modern set of standard
> fonts (Adobe's Source family is a good candidate), but that would require
> someone willing to devote a bunch of time to this, with no guarantee of a
> positive result.

We are currently bundling Google's Caladea and Carlito as alternatives to
Cambria and Calibri, so we could easily switch to that over Liberation Sans and
Serif as the default fonts.

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