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--- Comment #51 from Timur <gtimur at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Jay Philips from comment #5)
> 'Insert Breaks/Marks' group button - A group button encompassing all the
> various breaks (line, column, page [.uno:InsertPagebreak]), hyphens
> (non-breaking [.uno:InsertHardHyphen], optional [.uno:InsertSoftHyphen]),
> and spaces (non-breaking [.uno:InsertNonBreakingSpace]). The main button
> will be insert page break as its the most used of these entries. The last
> entry of the group will be for 'Manual Break' (.uno:InsertBreak), as the
> dialog is access ~99% of the time through the menu, while other entries are
> accessed 75 to 99 percent by the keyboard shortcut. One of the goals of
> having this as a default toolbar button is to encourage users to use page
> breaks rather than using the enter key to move to the following page.
Jay, if I understand well, you're still speaking about single page break
button? It exists now and inserts page break with some logic: if the page was
Default Style, then the next one is also Default Style, if the page was Left,
then the next one is Right. 
But, for example, I frequently use page break with First page, so that I get my
first page header and footer.
I suggest page break button be drop-down button where there will be also be
Styles, like page break with Default Style, with First page, with Landscape,
with Right page, with Left page.

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