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--- Comment #9 from V Stuart Foote <vstuart.foote at utsa.edu> ---
(In reply to Jay Philips from comment #8)

> Is there a point to be able to shrinking down the width of a tab so that the
> controls start to disappear, similar to the attached image.
Sure, you can precisely set the exposed content panel to a width that still
fits with a document at a particular zoom level--the Content panel is available
to work with, rather than hidden.

> I was able to resize Navigator to the point of collapse. I find the resize
> of the deck to point of collapse to be quite useless. Other office suites
> that implement sidebars dont have such functionality (calligra, iworks,
> wps/kingsoft).

We *don't* care about other suites! And allowing resize to point of collapse
allows the deck and the content panel to be reopened at that width. Again,
useful when trying to hold the document at a particular zoom.

> > So NO, would not agree to a single minimum width applied to Decks of "all"
> > content panels--but that said, there is room to improve how each decks
> > minimum width (prior to collapse) is determined.
> So you wouldnt agree to a single minimum width for all but you'd agree to
> having independent minimum widths per deck, right?

Correct, your stated goal was that "having a fixed width for the sidebar will
give us a defined area to work within..." I flatly reject the need for that
across all Content panels. 

Rather, there is utility to allowing each active content panel to reduce to
some minimum. Either as detected by the GUI widgets present on the active
Content panel--or to some predefined minimum assigned per content panel. 

So long as the Deck independently responds to the active content panel--the
method for the minimum width can be determined either way. Just not set to one
minimum width for all content panels.

We did similar for the Start center, where we allow it to shrink to the width
of the Welcome message of the selected UI language, or to the minimum width of
one thumbnail view if any are present.

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