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--- Comment #15 from Yousuf (Jay) Philips <philipz85 at hotmail.com> ---
(In reply to Eike Rathke from comment #13)
> > > Yes it would be a change for users who have already know where things have
> > > been, but that is the case with any change. Better organized menus help both
> > > old and new users.
> I don't consider this situation to be better organized though..

I guess we'll agree to disagree about this.

> > > So is it better for a user to find protect sheet under Tools > Protect
> > > Document > Sheet or Sheet > Protect Sheet? Of course i would assume most
> > > users would simply use the sheet tab context menu for this rather than
> > > digging into menus.
> You would be surprised how many users don't use context menus at all or
> don't even know/recall it does exist and offers different choices for
> different, well, contexts..

About 80 percent of users use context menus in general, as it is easier to
access contextual entries than going into the toolbar or menubar, and if they
are aware that the tabs have a context menu, they are less likely to open the
menubar to access those entries, especially when they are all scattered through
the menubar. Inserting a sheet was in the insert menu, copying and deleting a
sheet was in the Edit menu, hiding and renaming a sheet was in the Format menu
and protecting a sheet was in the Tools menu.

> > > Should protecting the contents of a spreadsheet from being changed be
> > > considered a tool or simply an edit function similar to tracking the changes
> > > being make to a spreadsheet? The tools menu has been known to be a dumping
> > > ground for functions that didnt seem to go into other menus rather than them
> > > truly being tools.
> > 
> > The big disadvantage, mentioned by Eike too, is that now protecting is split
> > over Sheet and Edit.
> That's my point. It's not only a disadvantage, it makes working with the
> UI a bad experience.

The point here is that we find the most suitable place for entries and the most
suitable place to protect a sheet is in the Sheet menu, not in the Tools menu,
as all other sheet type functions are in the Sheet menu.

> > For such a situation, using Tools makes sense maybe?
> > Similar with Pivot Tables...
> > Now we have Insert > Pivot Table and Data > Pivot Table > .. 
> > Shrug.
> > Maybe it's better to have that in Data, where it is now.

With the way the menus are structured, we dont always have the ability to
always put related things together. When you insert an image you goto the
Insert menu, but when you want to modify that image, you go to the Format menu.
So if a user was told to insert a pivot table into their spreadsheet, they
would likely go into the Insert menu to do so, similar to how they open that
menu to insert a image or chart.

> And also move all Protect actions there. At the end you want to protect
> your data.

So if the Data menu is to be used for do things with data, should hiding that
data also go under that menu? Meaning should we have Data > Hide Sheet.

(In reply to Eike Rathke from comment #14)
> (In reply to Yousuf (Jay) Philips from comment #10)
> > >   * Cell Comment
> > >     * Has an unselectable blank first submenu entry that probably should
> > >       read "Insert Comment".
> > 
> > It was named as 'Edit Comment' in my June 11th patch.
> And is displayed now, but ... now we have Edit, Show, Hide and Delete,
> all greyed out if there is no comment at the current position, but no
> entry to insert a comment from that menu. I know it is in the Insert
> menu and in the context menu, but not having it in the menu there
> together with all other comment related actions is odd.

As stated above, we cant always have all related entries together. If Insert >
Comment wasnt the default location in all other apps, i would have considered
moving it there.

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