[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 91820] Reorganization of the menu bar for Calc

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--- Comment #16 from sophie <gautier.sophie at gmail.com> ---
Hi Jay, 
Some comments on my side too:
- Freeze Rows and Columns: where is the possibility to freeze only a column or
a row?
- Same for Split window: where is the possibility to split horizontally or
vertically only?
- Protect Sheet vs Protect Spreadsheet: Spreadsheet is often seen as the tool
(which is how it translates) so it has little meaning for most of the
languages, Document was much more understandable and as Eike, sad that it's
split now. 
- Change case: is an often used function in sheet really well hidden now
- Format menu: is too long for my screen
- Sheet menu: is too long for my screen
- Name cells: agreed with Eike, Name Expressions would be more accurate
- Clear cell: Strange to see the name of the key attached but it's correctly
changed if you use legacy shortcuts
- Calculate: why do you change it, it was really more accurate with Cell
content, only 2 entries on 4 are about calculation.
- I would move Multiple Operations with the group that calculates the same
resolutions under Tools. 
Will come with more later :) Sophie

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