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--- Comment #11 from Jay Philips <philipz85 at hotmail.com> ---
(In reply to Cor Nouws from comment #9)
> How is hand out view associate with slide master?

When you are in hand out view and you open the slide pane, it shows you the
slide masters in it, and that is likely why the pane was hidden. In Powerpoint
and IBM Symphony handout view is categorized together with master slide view.

> I did not write it wastes space in hand out view.


> And you say 4% / 46px is a big waste in your earlier comment #2. 
> I don't understand this. When you work with slide decks of over 20, 30
> slides, you need a lot of space.

It would be a waste for users who never use the tabs. In slide sorter view, i
can easily click and hide the slide pane and sidebar if i need more room, but
there is no means of hiding the view tabs.

> Yes, that is the problem I described. By moving the view tabs to the side
> pane, we push handouts in master view, which hides them, and we waste
> enormous space  in the slide sorter by showing a useless pane.

I was placing handouts in master view for better organization, but that doesnt
mean its not accessible easily accessible from the View menu. I'm only trying
to stay consistent with the UI across all the views, but that doesnt stop a
user from disabling the slide pane in slide sorter, just like how its possible
for me to enable it now.

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