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--- Comment #1 from A (Andy) <stgohi-lobugs at yahoo.de> ---
I think this is a nice proposal.  Then you would theoretical have no more that
much unused space and you would have an additional UI feature and such a system
is also used for the zoom function in WRITER in the bottom right-hand corner of
the main window and for the rotation feature in the Sidebar we have also a
slider system.

But from the layout it should then maybe also look like (at least similar to
[with the circle]) the already existing zoom slider?

The only thing I am thinking about is, whether there is then enough space for
such a slider, meaning that the slider will not be too small and would be
practial?  In this case one has also to think about different (maybe longer)
translations of "Transparency" in other languages.  This is maybe a critical
point for such a proposal.
Otherwise, you would need to put the slider into a next line (like currently
for the Line Style feature, though Jay has also another good proposal for this
Line Style feature -> see 89543), but in this case the space issue would no
longer really be touched with such a proposal, but you would nevertheless get
this new UI feature and would no longer have this long not necessary input

For me it would be interesting to get to know what others would think about
such a nice and interesting enhancement proposal.

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