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--- Comment #2 from Heiko Tietze <heiko.tietze at user-prompt.com> ---
Sliders are a good means for arbitrary changes within a defined range. To
support accessibility and in order to achieve precise input a spin box is
sometimes appended that not only shows the actual value but allows to modify

We should take care about a consistent implementation. Normally, min and max
should be labeled (not necessary if the range is clear from content but
consistency be respected). It's not recommendable to use non-linear scales (but
often done for zoom; with more labels/tickmarks then). And for an appealing
design it makes sense to have not too many sliders in one dialog/view. 

Jay's and Andy's examples make perfect sense.

Gtk2: https://developer.gnome.org/hig-book/2.32/controls-sliders.html
Gtk3: (linked to the Gtk2 guideline)
KDE Slider: https://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Usability/HIG/Slider
KDE Slider + Spin box:

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