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--- Comment #11 from Joel Madero <jmadero.dev at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Jan Holesovsky from comment #10)
> Michael: Not sure it is worth adding uno commands; if I understand it
> correctly, it would be enough to have a button that would effectively mean
> "create a character style from the currently chosen font effect" in the Font
> Effects tab - that would at the same time allow assigning the shortcut (as
> the character styles can have that).
> That would be possible to implement without big changes I suspect.
> Joel: Is that something you had in mind?  Or am I completely
> misunderstanding? :-)

Well the big issue is the forcing the idea of "use styles or don't have the
feature." Many people don't understand (and never will understand) the idea of
styles. Just to be clear, this wasn't my idea to begin with - I wish I could
find the original bug report but it was someone talking about accessibility
with keyboard shortcuts and how tedious it is to apply some font effects but so
easy to apply others (bold, underline, etc...). 

I see that this would resolve the issue but would require some understanding of
how styles work and how to assign a keyboard shortcut to a style. Do you think
the avg. user would understand that they could go to the Font Effects dialog
and click a button that says "create style our of currently selected . . ." and
then they would know that once they do that they could assign a keyboard
shortcut to it? This vs. just going into the keyboard shortcut list (that
already lists hundreds of things), quickly seeing "embossed" or "strikethrough"
and being able to assign a shortcut to it (if they so desire).

Just seems to me that we have an arbitrary list of what made the cut vs. what
didn't to keyboard shortcuts (for example, why is double underline justified as
an effect worthy of a keyboard shortcut, while strikethrough, embossed,
engraved, all caps, title, etc.... are not?) The request by the user (again...I
wish I could find the original report :-/) was just to make it a complete list
instead of an arbitrary list.

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