[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 96679] Need UNO commands for all font effects

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--- Comment #12 from Jan Holesovsky <kendy at collabora.com> ---
Joel: I meant, the underlying logic could be hidden to the user, for me it's
important to understand the use case - if it is good enough if it appears as a
character style in the document, of if it is important that it is direct
formatting.  At the same time, I hope it is the former - because the usability
of styles is an orthogonal problem.

How the original cut came to existence, I have no idea.  I suspect it is a
mixture of interoperability & what is available as formatting in the ODF /
OOXML etc.  We could measure that on a corpus of documents at some stage, and
see if there are some particularly interesting use cases there that would be
worth adding shortcuts for.

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