[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 96679] Need UNO commands for all font effects

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--- Comment #13 from Joel Madero <jmadero.dev at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Jan Holesovsky from comment #12)
> Joel: I meant, the underlying logic could be hidden to the user, for me it's
> important to understand the use case - if it is good enough if it appears as
> a character style in the document, of if it is important that it is direct
> formatting.  At the same time, I hope it is the former - because the
> usability of styles is an orthogonal problem.

Sure - so I obviously will leave implementation discussion to UX. If you think
that this could accomplish the same thing in a better way way, of course you're
the expert :)

Just to be abundantly clear, I'm not asking for a pet bug to be *implemented*,
I'm happy to see the discussion and at least acknowledging that the status quo
makes it hard for users who want quick and efficient access to quite a few
effects (hard relative to how easy it is to apply other styles such as double
underline, bold, etc...)

So if your proposal makes sense in light of this (this mostly goes over my
head), then why not just mark as NEW and let it sit as NEW until a volunteer
decides to take it on (which might be never or might be next week :) )

> How the original cut came to existence, I have no idea.  I suspect it is a
> mixture of interoperability & what is available as formatting in the ODF /
> OOXML etc.  We could measure that on a corpus of documents at some stage,
> and see if there are some particularly interesting use cases there that
> would be worth adding shortcuts for.

:-D As so many other things, the "how did it happen this way" is hard to
determine :)

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