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--- Comment #8 from Gabor Kelemen <kelemeng at ubuntu.com> ---
Stuart, I don't think these are used as keywords - I mean they are not saved to

The way I see is that these are just strings on the UI and it does not really
matter how we spell them or how we display them, i.e. localized or not.

As a simple experiment I saved a simple image with a DarkSeaGreen color as FODG
and SVG using English UI in 6.1 master. 
The color is stored as a hex or RGB value in these:

gabor at dome:~$ grep 8fbc8f smiley.*
smiley.fodg:   <style:graphic-properties draw:fill="solid"
draw:fill-color="#8fbc8f" draw:textarea-horizontal-align="justify"
draw:textarea-vertical-align="middle" draw:auto-grow-height="false"
fo:min-height="4.842cm" fo:min-width="4.592cm"/>
smiley.fodg:   <loext:graphic-properties draw:fill="solid"
gabor at dome:~$ grep 188 smiley.*
smiley.svg:        <path fill="rgb(143,188,143)" stroke="none" d="M 9000,6800 C
11041,6800 12600,8359 12600,10400 12600,12441 11041,14000 9000,14000 6959,14000
5400,12441 5400,10400 5400,8359 6959,6800 9000,6800 Z M 5400,6800 L 5400,6800 Z
M 12601,14001 L 12601,14001

This is why I think we could safely display these strings localized - even if
most of them is uncommon for normal users.

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