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--- Comment #5 from Nick Levinson <Nick_Levinson at yahoo.com> ---
No, that's the wrong use case. I'm not talking about erroneous spellings but
about correct-but-rare spellings that probably don't belong in current
contexts. In those cases, users should be asked to confirm that they intend to
use the spelling that's present. Most of the time, they'll see it as an error
and correct it, but, because the spelling is sometimes (rarely) correct,
they'll sometimes want to leave it as is.

I think this can be done by adding a Boolean (true/false) field to every entry
in every dictionary. The default entry would be false (as in 'false spelling').
But if a user could supply a file of rare-but-correct spellings or could edit a
single entry, the status of true would mean 'true spelling albeit rare'.

That leaves how the UI should inform users of likely-misapplied rare spellings.

An extension would seem appropriate for the UI once the rarities are
recognizable but probably not to the necessary hooks in LibreOffice, especially
the additional field. Since the hooks would need something in LO itself, I'm
restoring this report's status.

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