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--- Comment #8 from gmarco <gmmellina at inwind.it> ---
Being involved on a similar topic (bug 91345 OS Windows) I would like to make
some clarity.

1) Prefixing:
- there is the SAVE command (I use it randomly to force saving anyway,
regardless of whether it has made any changes or not.
It is my habit to close by clicking on "X".
- I feel sufficiently tested and verified what said in bug 91345.
- It is also my firm opinion that closing a document, in any updated way, is
required if you want to save it or not.

2) LIBO adopts different behaviors between Writer and Calc:
- ods opened and closed without updating (or any modifications have been
nullified): CALC asks always and in any case whether to save YES | NOT,  while
WRITER does not ask it, simply closes the file leaving it in the preexisting
I personally feel the CALC mode is more correct.

And at this point, I can not fully understand Olivier's problem:
- Without specifying the type of file (ods, odt ?) says "Every time I open a
file because there are links ..." and later "close (Crtl-W) and see, it asks if
you want to save even if nothing changed ": I prove a different experience (see
above and see bug 91345 with main.odt and linked.ods).
- Say "I closed by mistake ..." and "... do not ask to save a file when nothing
changed or we still say" Do not save "when something changed ...".
(good-naturedly) ancient Latin said: "Errare umanum est, persevere autem
diabolicum!" (to make a mistake is human, but persevering is diabolical).

To make no injustice to anyone, for logic and uniformity, I believe that any
program, closing a file, should generically ask "if I want to save YES | NOT"
by preselecting YES.

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