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--- Comment #9 from Olivier <libreoffice1 at scigrid.net> ---
@gmarco I can understand saving by default seems logic since saving too much
cannot harm... unless you use a versioning system. As I said if the file is
saved, then it is different from the previous one even if nothing has changed
and therefore git wants me to push it to the repository.

So saving whatever is not a good option.

If we could have a human readable way to save a file with just the data and no
metadata in the file, we could save as much as we want without any impact on
the versioning system. It would also be great to see diff between two versions
of a file. But you save in a binary mode and I suspect metadata like date of
last saving which produce different file even if nothing has been changed.

So that's why each time I open a Calc file just to read the data I have to take
care to say NO when I ask to quit and it asks me to save the file. Of course
each time I open the same file to change things, I would have to say yes if he
asked me to save the file, but it never happens since I save manually before I
quit. So if it ask me, the answer is always NO unless... I had many windows
open and I quit the wrong one, the one with changes.

So because LO asks to save unmodified file I have the reflex to say NO and when
it asks on purpose because the file has been modified, I still have the same
reflex and say NO...

Conclusion : don't ask to save an unmodified file or make the saving file a
perfect copy of the previous one (git use SHA1 of a file to see if it changed,
not the date of last modification).

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