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--- Comment #5 from Pedro <vermelhusco1904 at gmail.com> ---
Default wrapping style in Word 2019 is In Line with Text.
For Text Wrapping this is equivalent to the None option in Writer.
Word 2019 does not have any anchor active by default as well.
If you have Word (even 2016) you can check this:
1 - Insert an image in word document,
2 - On Picture Format tab. Position and Wrap Text options are both off by

This allows the user to move the image around freely in the document, showing
with the text cursor where you will place the image - I believe it treats the
image as a character but it does it differently from Writer. 

I agree with Regina that the default anchor option should not be "as
This is not how Word 2019 (equivalent to latest Office 365) does, it provides
no flexibility to the user. 
I would suggest to either use anchor "To Paragraph" or "To Character" as

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