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--- Comment #6 from Pedro <vermelhusco1904 at gmail.com> ---
My rationale:

1 - With anchor as "as character" it is not possible to move the image around
the page to play with its position. If an user wishes to move an image around
the page in a horizontal axis "as character" blocks this and may be frustrating
to novice users.

2 - With anchor as "To Page", if an user wishes to change the position of one
page to another, it's not possible which may also lead to frustration from
novice users that might not understand the anchor concept.

3 - With anchor as "To character" an user can freely move the image around the
text, and easily play with the Wrap options. However, if an user than decides
to create a paragraph in the anchored character it will change the image
position. This may demand the user to reposition the image.

4 - With anchor as "To paragraph" the user can also freely move the image
around the text and play with Wrap options. if the user accidentally creates a
new paragraph in the middle of the paragraph with the anchored image the image
retains it position. It also allows the user to move the image to other pages.

IMO the best default option (least confusing for novice users) is the "To
Paragraph" options - it gives as much flexibility as "To character" but
presents less risks of messing up by creating accidental paragraphs.

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