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Andrew C. E. Dent ace_dent at hotmail.com
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Hi Joseph
That's made my day!To make this more manageable, I think we should first agree on how to divide and conquer different aspects.A good starting point might be to fix up the fallback code: http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Easy_Hacks#don.27t_ship_150_duplicate_placeholder_iconsDo you use the #libreoffice IRC channel? Perhaps I can catch you there depending on timezones? 
I will compose a more detailed email later, and look forward to working (/hacking) with you.

> From: jpowers27 at cox.net
> Subject: Icons
> Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2010 21:15:51 -0700
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> To: ace_dent at hotmail.com
> Andrew,
> I'm a little crazy, but I want to work on the icon issues.
> I'm a programmer, so I've been looking at things from the other side...
> Currently the system is a mess, the top level determines if if we're in high-contrast mode or not and then requests the correct image. On top of this, we have both themed and un-themed icons; thus, I can't just kill the high-contrast checks.
> From your earlier e-mails, you've said that each theme has both standard icons and high-contrast icons; this has to change. However, I'm stuck trying to figure out how the code knows which icon file it's requesting. The un-themed icons in chart2 are easy to tack since I found the mapping files; however, I'm having issues with the themed icons.
> I believe all the themes should be located the /artwork directory and we'll need to create a system for building/packaging them for inclusion into the project. We'll also need to determine a directory to house the installed themes. The current system of themes being hard coded into the build system needs to change; the users should be able to just drop a theme package and have the them auto-reconized on the change theme dialog.
> I'm open to suggestions from any of the other developers.
> I'm also in need of guidance in under standing the current icon packaging system.
> As far as I can determine the biggest savings would be to do the changes in this order:
> 1. Remove the High-Contrast check from the themed icons.
> 	a) This should cut the themes in about half.
> 	b) Reduce a lot of code over head.
> 2. Move the un-themed icons in to the default themes. 
> 	a) This only removes some redundant code paths for retrieving icons.
> 	b) Removes the last of the High-Contrast checks.
> 	c) Will need to verify that the missing icon fall-back code actually works.
> 3. Make themes discoverable.
> 	a) No real savings, it's mostly a coolness factor. Plus it gives the graphics designers something to do so they leave the programmers alone.
> Joe P.
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