[Libreoffice] Changing mailing list behavior

Wols Lists antlists at youngman.org.uk
Fri Nov 5 04:18:50 PDT 2010

On 05/11/10 10:28, Regina Henschel wrote:
> It is not about using my seamonkey, but why this list is organized
> different than others. For example in discuss at documentfoundation.org
> (and in all other mailing list I am subscribed, but
> libreoffice at lists.freedesktop.org) when I click on "Antworten" (that's
> "To") I get the list address in the "To" field. When I click on
> "Antwort an alle" (that's "To All") I get the list address in the "To"
> field and the poster's address in the "CC". Only here in
> libreoffice at lists.freedesktop.org I get the poster's address in the
> "To" field and the list address only in the "CC"-field.
> I know to change the addresses, but I have to remember each time,
> "Caution, this list is the other way round". That is not comfortable. 
The problem is, the other lists are monkeying about with the message

When I send a message, my mail client sets "reply-to" to me. When you
hit "reply", that's where the message should go! (Actually, it probably
doesn't set "reply to" and your mail client replies to the "From".) Your
other lists are mangling the "reply to" header and setting it *contrary*
to the rfc's. All mailing lists should *respect* the *sender's* use of
"reply to". They also should *not* change the "From", because the
message is not from the list. Unfortunately a lot of them do :-(

I use thunderbird, and it detects the "list-post" header, giving me a
"reply to list" option. I've noticed sometimes that doesn't seem to
work, but I think I've suddenly twigged why :-) If the other person hits
"reply all" and I'm in that list, I think the list doesn't send the
email on the grounds I've already had a direct copy. So the copy I get
doesn't have the "list post" header because it came direct...


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