[Libreoffice] There has been talk about removing AM_MAINTAINER_MODE from autotools configuration path.

Peter Dolding oiaohm at gmail.com
Sun Nov 7 01:24:12 PDT 2010

I recommend care be taken.

Issue is one of the special features of that mode.

  from here the key point is.

>>AM_MAINTAINER_MODE also allows you to disable some custom build rules conditionally. Some developers use this feature to disable rules that need exotic tools that users may not have available.

To remove AM_MAINTAINER_MODE an inspection of all the autotools  files
checking for any custom build rules that are turned on and off by
masking an error.

Problem with custom rules is that if they are remake a particular file
and they are not there you will not notice anything wrong until some
time down the track someone make an alteration in that area.
Careless removal risks hidden bug that will come back and bite one
day.   Particularly thinking AM_MAINTAINER_MODE has been in the build
system for over 7 years.   There is no particular reason to rush its
removal but due to being mostly a deprecated thing it should be marked
for careful and planned removal.

I do have another question when was the last audit of dependency
checking in the make system.   To make sure only checking for
dependencies still used.   Because if this has not been done in ages
removal of AM_MAINTAINER_MODE and checking of dependancies could be
assigned to the same task.

Peter Dolding

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