[Libreoffice] New credits page up (and linked from TDF)

Thorsten Behrens thb at documentfoundation.org
Mon Nov 8 08:20:25 PST 2010

Sebastian Spaeth wrote:
> > What would be super-nice, would be if we could have a patch a little
> > like the Help->License info one - cf. sfx2/source/appl/appserv.cxx -
> > that would load a nice ODF document containing the output of your work -
> > so that we cna ship that with the binaries, and make it available
> > off-line too, as a snapshot of that version.
> That would be nice, but it won't be me that creates that patch :).
Ah sorry, my backlog is building up - I actually added that feature
- now we only need a nice credits .odt. ;)


-- Thorsten
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